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Attention please: The labels may be modified for reasons beyond our control, we remind our customers to read the labels before consuming the products. Thank you.

Here are some extract of the document “Terms and Conditions” that you can consult in the appropriate section of the site.

The User is obliged not to enter false or invented data, aliases, nicknames etc. the personal data, the e-mail address and the payment information must be exclusively personal and in no case referred to third parties.
It is also expressly forbidden for minors to make purchases on this site.

No sale of alcoholic to minors.

  1. Prices and payments

For each Product the price including VAT, if due is indicated. If the price cannot be calculated in advance, due to the nature of the Product, the methods for calculating the price shall be indicated.

Furthermore, all possible taxes, additional costs and delivery costs which may vary depending on the destination, the chosen delivery method and / or the payment method used shall be indicated. If these expense items cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, there shall be an indication of which expenses to be charged to the User.

Shipping in Italy: € 9,50 (nine/50) – free shipping for expenses over € 100,00 (one hundred euro/00)

Shipments abroad: Austria – Belgium – Denmark – Germany – Luxembourg – Netherlands – France – Principality of Monaco – United Kingdom – Spain: € 29,00 up to 30,00 Kg. – free shipping for expenses over €200,00

The Owner reserves the right to change the price of the Products as well as any additional costs at any time. It is understood that price changes shall in no case affect the contracts already concluded before such change.

The User undertakes to pay the price of the Product within the times with and methods indicated in the Application and to communicate the information requested.

The Application uses third-party tools for processing payments and does not enter in any way into contact with the payment data provided (number of credit cards, name of the holder, password, etc.).

Should these third party tools deny payment authorisation, the Owner shall not provide the Products and cannot be held responsible in any way.

  1. Billing

The User who intended to receive the invoice for the payment shall provide the Owner with the billing information. In this case, the User declares that the information provided is true and releases the Owner from any liability in this regard.

  1. Products’ delivery methods

The Products shall be delivered to the address indicated by the User by the Ditributor, in the manner and at the time chosen or indicated in the Application and reported in the order confirmation. Unless otherwise specified, the delivery terms specified in the order confirmation shall provide the period of time usually required to deliver the Product from the moment the courier takes charge, normally 48/72 hours. In any case, except for justified delays, not later than thirty (30) days – including holidays – from the date of the contract. 

In the event that it is not possible to provide the Products requested, a prompt notice shall be given to the User via e-mail, indicating the expected time of delivery or the reasons that make the delivery not possible.

If the User does not intend to accept the new term or the delivery has become impossible, he can request a refund of the amount paid, which shall be paid promptly with the payment method used for the purchase, within a maximum of 14 days from the date on which the Owner became aware of the refund request.

Upon receipt of the Product, the User is required to verify its compliance with the order as well as the integrity of the packaging. In case of evident damage to the packaging and / or to the Product, the User can refuse the delivery of the Product and may return it without any charge. Once the delivery document has been signed, the User cannot make any objection to the external characteristics of the Products delivered.

The Owner is not liable for damages losses and costs incurred as a result of the failure to execute the contract due to force majeure.

  1. Payments

Cash on delivery is only possible for orders not exceeding € 400 (four hundred/00), the Courier will only accept cash and the service has an additional cost of € 5.00 (five/00). Orders that include perishable fresh products are excluded from cash on delivery.   

We accept payment with: Visa – Mastercard – Maestro – Postepay – Discover – American Express – Carta Aura – Carta prepagata PayPal

  1. Payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay

For Credit Cards payments, PayPal or Amazon Pay, Shipping within five o’clock in the afternoon of the firts ferial day after order acceptance, usually on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid stocks in the warehouse of courier that Saturday and Sunday do not deliver.

In accordance with that operational choice, on the day of shipment must follow at least three working days to give time to the couriers to complete the delivery before the next holiday.

Shipments to islands or hard-to-reach areas are made on Monday with at least four working days before the next holiday.

  1. Mode of dispatch perishable food products

(cheeses and salami) in the summer season are packaged in isothermal container sto maintain their quality.

Please Note: for the shipment of perishable food there is a contribution of € 5,00 up to 5,00 Kg. – for the higher weights the contribution is € 7,90-.

  1. PayPal – Amazon Pay

PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to make payments quickly and secure. The reconding of your data takes place only on Pay Pal.

You can make payments with your Credit Card even without having an account on the PayPal Portal.

Amazon Pay: Click on Amazon Pay to connect to your Amazon account, with which you can pay your order to Dalla Garfagnana. Selecting this payment method the amount to pay is charged to the Credit Card connected to your Amazon account. No need to create a new account or manually enter your Card data because you already saved it in your Amazon account.

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