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Garfagnana, the green island of Tuscany

Italy plunges it’s flanks into the Mediterranean sea and encloses like a treasure chest the infinite specificities o fan extraordinary land … the Islands are emeralds set in the “Mare Nostrum” while the warm Southern sun awakens early spring and the silence of the Alps contrasts with “Se sta mai coi man in man - We never sit on our hands” of the North and then the Centre, the world’s heart of mysticism, history and culture… here is the land that inspired our brand…
The Garfagnana, a corner of Tuscany that enchants for chestnut trees grown up to 1000 meters of altitude, further up there are the beeches that try to conquer the mountain peaks, in this fairy-tale creation appear almos suddenly small villages resting on soft altopiani or clinging to rock walls and with their castles have watched over the Valley for centuries. Within their medieval walls time flows slowly, the playful voice of children on Church churchyards which repeats itself for century as a ritual and the shops release in the air a suggestive antique scent.

    Our commitment is the passion with which we select excellent and high quality products, for the maximum satisfaction of our Clients with whom we wish to establish a relationship of trust, respect and friendship to share the love for ancient flavors, testimony of the millenary agro-food cuklture of our Country.


    Country moms didn’t have a lot of time to cook, engaged in the work of the fields, in the woods, in the stables or in the pastures … here is the reason for simple but tasty and hearty food, with many unique dishes, a diet that satisfied the needs of an intense daily life.


    Not for this lack the flavors and the armonie that are enhanced by authenticity and quality of ingredients. The air, the sun, the soil, the waters confer inimitabile gustatory characteristics but behind each of them are secular tradition, rituals and moments that are passed down in time: wisdom and experience are all this. In our Italy so beautiful and rich in light, scents and colors, each product brings on the table pleasant sensation and emotions. Thank You for Your time!

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